Our mission
Parseq Lab provides molecular genetics laboratories with a broad range of NGS solutions. Our ready-to-use kits analyze genetic variants in fields ranging from research to diagnostics. For those looking for a specific in performance assays Parseq Lab is ready to develop and deliver custom assays based on your specifications.
Who we are

Specialists engaged in project work: biologists, bioinformaticians, software developers, specialists in genomic data analysis and molecular genetic analysis.
We are a passionate group dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for genetic research and diagnostics. Our goal is to move precision medicine forward.

R&D and Production facility
Maria Zaytseva
Head of laboratory
Nadezhda Seylieva
Biotechnology engineer
Maria Kanaeva
Biotechnology engineer
Pavel Butylin
Leading researcher
Medical genetics
Tamara Simakova
Head of Medical Geneticts
Nadezhda Pilchikova
Senior researcher
Arina Suvorova
Bioinformatic analyst
Alexander Afanasyev
Software Engineer
Alexander Slepchenkov
Sergei Mozgov
IT-infrastructure Engineer
Sales and marketing
Natalia Malashikhina
Business development specialist
Evgenia Doroshina
International affairs specialist
Tuyana Damdinova
Project Documentation Specialist
Alexander Pavlov
Our facilities
R&D Laboratory
Data storage
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