Genome Server

Hardware-software appliances for genomic data storage
and analysis. Designed and customized according to project requirements and customer needs.
Integrated with massively parallel sequencing equipment.
Genome Server™ intended use:
collection and primary sequencing data processing;
reliable long term data storage;
data access control;
software tools integration, analysis pipleline design and implementation;
metadata storage;
analysis results export.

What are advantages of Genome Server™?
Integration with massively parallel sequencing machines and other data sources.
System is assembled and tested, ready for usage after installation.
Genome data analysis
Preinstalled tools for genomic data analysis
Reliable data storage
Enterprise-level components from IT-industry leaders. Technical support and warranty is included in price
When do you need Genome Server™
Small servers with embedded storage delivered with the DNA sequencer fits
for operative work and preliminary data processing, but doesn't fit for intensive
data analysis and routine data storage because of limited resources and reliability. To overcome this specialized systems for efficient Big Data storage and processing should be used.
Project Phases

You fill in the form

We choose system according to your tasks
or create custom configuration

We build and install
the system

We provide training
and technical support
Genome Server™ is available in three basic configurations, it's possible to design custom configuration according to specific tasks
Parseq Kpc
Data analysis and storage from low-throughput sequencers
Parseq Mpc
Data analysis from middle-throughput sequencers. Effective analysis and cooperative work on results
Parseq Gpc
Data analysis from high-throughput sequencers, high-performance computing and petabyte-scale data storage system. Customer-based systems for projects with high requests for infrastructure
Additional services
We offer additional services to assist our clients with all aspects of data analysis

Data analysis

High throughput massively parallel sequencing (MPS) data analysis
Software design and development

Software tools development and data processing algorithms design according to customer needs
Infrastructure and resource management

Requirements collection, infrastructure architecture design, physical and cloud resources management, tools and pipelines deployment and automation of bulk data analysis tasks
Read more about the VariFind™ Software.
Fill in the form, and we'll choose best configuration for you
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