VariFind™ Software
Especially developed for clinicians performing routine genetic testing. VariFind™ Software performs analysis of high-performance sequencing data, quality control and annotation of genetic variants from reputable sources.
Intended use: validated to use with VariFind™ assays
Data import
Raw data import

Simple data analysis import tool. Choose analysis type defined by purchsed kit and drop raw data from sequencer. The data analysis will proceed automatically.
Data analysis
Data analysis results main window
Once data is analyzed by Parseq Lab validated algorithms results are visualized in easy interpretable form.
Analysis details window presents sequencing results associated with the specific sample. Current window includes large variety of filtering options, run detailes with quality metrics, analysis overview with information about variants: trivial name, zygocity, HGVS-nomenclature, variant significance given by curator and reference to relevant sources.
Annotation and visualization
Variant view window
Variant view window contains detailed information on genetic variant structure, external sources and annotation.

Annotation panel contains thesis on variant clinical significance given by curator according to ACMG recommendations.
External sources panel contains clinical significance of the variant according to the last version of external database where current variant presents.
Analysis report
PDF report includes all variants you had marked as well as clinical significance of the variant.
Reports can be customized according to your needs.
VariFind™ Highlights
Bioinformatician free workflow
Data analysis pipelines are validated for particular assay

Extensive annotations provided by curator

Custom database creation
Flexibility of usage (cloud-based or locally)
VariFind™ application uses cloud to store the data. If it’s important to store the data locally, you can purchase Genome Server™ — a hardware-software complex, designed for long-term storage and analysis of genomic data. The necessary tools for working with the test-system are pre-installed, but if additional tasks occurs, the functionality can be extended.
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