Custom Assays

Service for custom NGS assay design on your needs.
Design your own
all-in-one kit
Reagents for libraries preparation
and software for MPS data analysis
are included.
Assay Characteristics
Assay Composition
Assay Performance Evaluation
3 weeks
3 weeks
Assay design
4—8 weeks
4—8 weeks
Wet lab
protocol development,
software customization
2 weeks
2 weeks
Analytical validation
8—16 weeks
8—16 weeks
Clinical validation
and certification (optionally)
Service Workflow
Step 1
Assay design

Step 2
Wet lab protocol

Step 3
Software customization

Drawing up a list of regions for analysis.
Custom database creation.
Panel design.
In silico panel assessment.

Primers ordering.
Pilot run performance and assessment.

Pipelines configuration.
Manual variants annotation.
Workflow evaluation.
Step 4
Analytical validation
Sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and reproducibility calculation.
List of limitations determination ordering.
Pilot run performance and assessment.

Step 5
Clinical validation
and certification
Application for data analysis
VariFind™ Software is an application for genomic data processing and analysis. The app allows
to download sequencing data and to analyze annotated genetic variants using information from it's own databases and external sources, including specialized databases of genes or diseases.

It is convenient to operate annotations, there is a possibility of incorporating options of interest
in the PDF-report. It's important to note that the database is supervised by our specialist
and is constantly updated.
Infrastructure for data storage
VariFind™ Software application uses cloud to store the data. If it's important to store the data locally,
you can purchase Genome Server™ — a hardware-software complex, designed for long-term storage
and analysis of genomic data. The necessary tools for working with the test-system are pre-installed,
but if additional tasks occurs, the functionality can be extended.
Validated solution.
Design & manufacturing.
Sample contamination control.

Bioinformatician-free software included.

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