VariFind™ HID Solution

Human Identification
human identification for forensics

Reagents and software
Intended use:
human identification
relationship determination
filiation determination
ancestry analysis
phenotype characteristics prediction.

VariFindTM HID Solution is designed for complex cases in forensics expertise:
small amounts of DNA
60 pg will be enough for interpretable results.
strongly degraded DNA
Samples with degradation extent doesn't allow to determine an STR profile using classical CE methods.
DNA mixtures
It is possible to analyze mixtures with a minor component ratio up to 1:100.
Panel characteristics
loci analyzed in whole database
loci explored in target populations
loci included in the panel
RMP in target populations
VariFind HID Solution consists of three assays
of different purpose:

human identification
The assay is designed for human identification based on simultaneous analysis
of a large amount of loci in one reaction.
HID assay
HID panel characteristics:

  • markers panel is optimized for targeted population (high region-specificity);
  • panel includes all global genetics SNP and STR markers;
  • taking in account linkage disequilibrium.
Genetic markers, analyzed with VariFind HID assay

  • autosomal SNPs
  • autosomal STRs
  • Y-SNPs
  • Y-STRs
  • microhaplotypes
Phenotypic traits
The assay is designed for human phenotype prediction
based on DNA sequence analysis.
Phenotype assay
Phenotypic traits included in analysis:
iris, hair and skin color
blood group and Rhesus factor
Androgenic alopecia
male pattern baldness
With the accumulation of information about the genotype-phenotype association it's became possible to predict human phenotypic traits based on DNA sequence analysis.

Designed panel is created for analyzis of:

  • pigmentation (iris, hair and skin color);
  • blood (blood group and Rhesus factor);
  • androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).
Biogeographical human ancestry estimation
The assay is designed for ancestry estimation based on the certain loci allelic
frequencies analysis in the populations under study.
Ancestry assay
This information can be useful when there are no defined suspects.


  • the composition of the genetic markers set can range to work effectively in the target population groups to improve analysis discrimination power;
  • it is necessary to have enough volume of genetic data for target population to include it into analysis.

The VariFindTM HID Solution consists
of reagents, software
and hardware.
The solution is based on high-throughput DNA sequencing method. This allows to obtain a large volume
of additional information in comparison with currently used CE methods

  • modify resolution capability / sensitivity of the method depending on sequencing read depth (e.g.
  • for mixed DNA samples);
  • carry out screening tests in short term due to the samples multiplexing in a single sequencing reaction.

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