VariFind™ Software

Application for genome data processing.
VariFind™ Software.
VariFind Software is designed for primary target sequencing data processing and analysis, quality control and genetic variants annotation using information from it's own database as well as external sources: specialized databases of genes or diseases.

On the basis of data analysis it's possible to generate a report and export it in PDF.
How it works
Sequencing data import.
and annotation
Automatic data analysis,
variant calling and annotation.
Wide range of instruments
for data representation, visualization, searching and filtering.
Customizing the layout and content
of the report, export to PDF.
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Analysis results

In this section all uploaded sequencing results, associated with the specific sample(s), are presented, sample name, information about run details, test-system used, genetic variants quantity as well as annotation, variant accuracy and estimation of its pathogenic status based on external resources.
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Variant information

Main purpose of this section is to show the link between variants analyzed with phenotypic manifestation (i. e., disease) and provide arguments to support this in this favour.
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Reports can be customized according to client's form accepted or letterhead. Content may also be adjusted: e. g., only annotated variants, precise pathogenic status variants can be included, etc.

The example of the report please download via link at Google docs.
VariFind™ features
Automatic analysis and quality estimation of sequencing data.
Detailed variants annotation.

Customized pdf-report generation.

Delivery in a bulk when purchasing our test-systems.
User-friendly web application can be accessed with web browser.
VariFind™ application uses cloud to store the data. If it’s important to store the data locally, you can purchase Genome Server™ — a hardware-software complex, designed for long-term storage and analysis of genomic data. The necessary tools for working with the test-system are pre-installed, but if additional tasks occurs, the functionality can be extended.
When purchasing our assays — AIP, IVF-CS, HID
or CFTR — you get access to VariFind Software for free.

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